Teenagers go through many hormonal changes, which has a direct effect on their hair and scalp. This causes hair fall as well as sebum (oil) secretion, making the scalp oily and greasy. And to add to it, the stress of studies and varied diets often lacking many nutrients, further aggravating hair fall. Our doctors understand the root cause of the problem and have prepared a flexible programme to tackle hair problems for teenagers.

Our Programme
  • Holistic programme designed not only to control the hair fall, but also to make your hair feel good
  • Deep cleansing to loosen dead skin cells
  • Patented sebum regulator solutions regulates oil production
  • Customised gentle, rejuvenating Rainbow scalp care
  • Hair follicle stimulating solutions to nourish hair

  • Clean and clear scalp
  • Healthier, fresher and manageable hair
  • Reduction in hair fall