Women often experience severe hair fall for a few months after child birth. This is caused by hormonal changes as well as the physical stress of child birth. Not to mention, the stress caused due to sleepless nights and worries of a new mom. Our skilled doctors have formulated a perfect hair fall treatment after delivery programme to fix the hair loss. Though, nothing can fix the sleepless nights.

Our Programme
  • Holistic programme designed not only to control the hair fall, but also to make your hair feel good
  • Customised gentle, rejuvenating scalp care
  • Scalp activator massage and relaxing scalp wash
  • Hair follicle stimulating solutions to nourish hair
  • BiogenesisTM to enhance micro-circulation to strengthen and repair hair

  • Hair feels thicker and stronger
  • Prevents hair thinning
  • Stimulates and strengthens hair roots
  • Healthier, fresher and manageable hair
  • Clean and calm scalp