For Whom?

  • For Persistent Dandruff that keeps coming back
  • For Itchy Scalp
  • For those looking for long lasting dandruff treatments

What causes Dandruff?

Dandruff is a condition where one sees scaly, flakes, which cause itching.
The main causes of dandruff are:
  • Excess Oil (sebum production) because of - genetic tendency, hormonal changes, weather, exercise related
  • External particles of dust, dirt, pollution as well as residues of hair care products - commonly hair oils and gels, also shampoos and conditioners
  • Block the scalp pores and prevents free flow of sebum
  • Promotes growth of fungus and other microbes
  • Triggers off excessive shedding of dead skin cells to reduce the microbial growth
  • Typical dandruff flakes and itching begins


Holistic dandruff treatments - to address all root causes of dandruff for effective &long-lasting improvement
  • Deep cleansing of scalp to loosen dead skin cells
  • Patented anti-microbial treatment to take care of dandruff-causing microbes & yeast
  • Unique scalp exfoliation treatment to unclog pores
  • Sebum and pH regulator solutions to rebuild scalp barrier


  • Immediate improvement in dandruff and itching
  • Clear and calm scalp
  • Long-lasting reduction in dandruff and oiliness of scalp
  • Rejuvenated scalp for stronger hair roots
  • Takes care of the hair fall along with dandruff