Your hair and scalp journey at Trica begins with an in-depth consultation with our doctors. Our hair analysis system captures your hair density, signs of early thinning, hair thickness and scalp condition. This helps us understand your hair and scalp so that we can customize a programme just for you.

Hair & Scalp solutions for every need

We at Trica understand that every person’s hair and scalp is unique and different. Therefore, there is a need for different treatments suited to each individual’s needs and concerns.
Getting to the root of the problem helps us design a 360 degree solution, that enables our doctors to deliver long lasting results. What’s more, it is totally non-surgical and helps grow natural hair from within.
Result- Oriented
Our solutions combine unique technology, medical expertise and effective products & home care system to ensure visible results.
Unique technology
Unique Technologies to rejuvenate hair growth naturally and effectively. Eg. Nutri-DriveTM delivers the nutrients at the hair root; BiogenesisTM technology stimulates your own natural hair growth factors.
Comprehensive Scalp Care System
A well-nourished scalp is a necessary to nurture healthy hair. Our unique Rainbow Scalp Care System regenerates and nourishes the hair roots and repairs hair ageing from within.

Whether you have hair fall, hair thinning, hair loss, hair ageing, scalp problems, or just want to maintain your hair health , at Trica, you would get a customised solution especially designed for you by our doctors.

OUR MISSION :            Your Hair Health, Growth, Strength and Longevity