Rainbow Scalp Care System
Healthy scalp is Healthy hair
Introducing Rainbow scalp care system for the first time in India.

This Hair fall solution in India consists of 7 different solutions to address various scalp needs in a three step approach:
  • Deep cleansing to loosen dead skin
  • Gentle exfoliation of the scalp skin to rejuvenate the scalp
  • Nourishing the hair roots using Electroporation to ensure that the nutrient solutions reach their destination

Morpheus is a unique technology that stimulates hair growth from its roots. It is a combination of KFDA approved Nutri-DriveTM technology and our BiogenesisTM technology.
A special non-invasive technology which ensures that the patented nutrients and growth factors deliver directly to your hair roots and hair follicles to give it strength.
BiogenesisTM is a unique non-invasive technology that utilises Pulsed Magnetic Stimulation to enhance your own hair growth factors, repair your hair roots and stimulate hair growth.
Laser Hairgrow System
A non-invasive, soft laser technology (LLLT) that improves micro-circulation to your hair follicles. This repairs and strengthens hair roots effectively.
Meso Boosters
Mesotherapy using patented hair solutions. It reverses the effect of DHT - the hormone responsible for hair thinning and hair loss. It also provides concentrated nutritional complexes that enrich the hair. Together, this improves hair thickness and growth.