What is Hair Fall?

To understand hair fall better, we need to understand the cycle of hair.

Each hair has a hair root or hair follicle deep inside the skin and a hair shaft or the hair as we see it, coming out of the skin. Each hair follicle gives rise to many hair in its lifetime. So the hair will grow for a fixed period of time, say 2-3 years. Then it enters a transition stage for a few days, where the root separates from the hair. The separated dead hair then is shed off in the shedding stage. At the same time, a new hair starts growing from the roots.

Source : http://bit.ly/1vQ86LY

Normally, we have about 85-90% of our hair in growth stage and only 10-15% participate in the shedding stage at any given time.

If our body undergoes any stress - may be due to nutritional deficiencies, or physical stress of an illness or pregnancy or hormonal imbalances and many other forms of stress - the blood supply to hair gets affected. This prevents further growth and the hair in growth stage enters premature shedding stage. This increases the number of hair in shedding stage and we start seeing significant hair fall.

The good news here is that although we have hair fall, at least our hair roots or follicles are intact and they can grow new hair; provided the stress is relieved and we have created a healthy environment (blood supply, nutrients) around the hair follicles.

What is an ideal remedy for hair fall?
An ideal remedy for hair fall should include the following:
  • Identify and treat the root cause
  • Provide the entire range of 14 nutrients needed for hair growth
  • Improve the blood supply to the hair roots and nourish the hair roots
  • Create growth factors to stimulate new growth

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