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Healthy Scalp for Healthy Hair: Nourishing and growing your hair from the roots

Flowing tresses, healthy shining hair, abundant volume….all of these are very desirable whether one has hair problems or not. And when one actually has problems of hair fall and hair loss, these may even feel much more desirable but feel unattainable.


Let us understand what is needed for those enviable hair.

Hair as we see is only the dead part of hair. The actual living part of hair is the hair root or follicle. The hair root takes its nourishment from the deep scalp skin.

Just like when we want to grow a beautiful plant, we need nutrient-rich, healthy soil, one needs healthy nutrient-rich scalp skin around the hair root for shining abundant hair. To achieve this, the scalp skin needs to be healthy.

Unfortunately, it is one of the most neglected areas of hair care today, as people are not aware of the need. The only time it gets attention is when there is a problem like dandruff or boils. In fact, most people associate scalp care with only right shampoo usage. But actually, shampoos only cleanse the scalp and hair. They cannot affect the hair follicle or deeper scalp skin in any way.  As the ageing of hair begins from the scalp, hence early treatment and prevention goes a long way in ensuring the rich healthy hair.

How to keep the scalp healthy?

Three Step Mantra – Protect, Nourish and Regenerate

Protect from dehydration and irritation, use the right shampoo and conditioner, and drink 10-12 glasses of water a day. One may need scalp moisturisers at times. Treat scalp problems, if any, like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, folliculitis promptly. Delaying treatments can weaken the hair roots.

Nourish from within. Eat healthy foods – rich in anti-oxidants and minerals, avoid food rich in saturated fats, refined carbohydrates and preservatives, Infuse vitamins, minerals and growth factors in the scalp. Include scalp nourishment a part of your regular hair care regime.

Regenerate – stimulate scalp regeneration by special scalp health treatments that help in loosening and removing excess dead skin along with infusion of antimicrobials and natural growth factors. If done regularly, prevents and reduces hair fall and other hair and scalp problems.

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