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Demystifying hair – Part 1

In animals hair plays a major role as thermal protection as well as tactile sensation. As humans evolved the body hair started declining except on scalp. And the irony is while we want to further get rid of the body hair (we go through so much pain while waxing or lasing); we want more and more hair on our scalp.

Hair beautifies our face. Hair is transformational – have you noticed how a change in hair style can make or break your look.

All of us desire a beautiful and luscious mane. But first we ought to know our hair. Let us understand and demystify hair in this series of “Did you know”


  • We have on an average 1,00,000 – 1,20,000, yes 1 – 1.2 lakh hair on our scalp
  • Men have denser hair than women.
  • Hair is a skin appendage; it is formed from specialized skin cells.
  • Hair is broadly divided into two parts – hair shaft and hair follicle.
  • Hair shaft is the part of the hair we see on surface.
  • Hair follicle is rooted deep into the skin, hence we cannot see it.
  • Hair is the second fastest growing tissue of our body; the first being bone marrow.


Food for thought…….

Hair is growing but is made of dead tissue!

Ever wondered why we do not feel any pain when we cut or iron our hair!!!


We will continue to unravel this mystique…..

Healthy hair = Happy luscious hair


…..your friendly Hair Expert


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