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7 Signs of Hair Ageing

Just like skin and other body parts, your hair ages too!


  • Hair gets thinner
  • Hair fall
  • Slow growth
  • Looks dull and frail
  • Reduced hair density and volume
  • Scalp starts showing
  • Scalp feels dry

And you thought it was only greys that indicate hair ageing.

Ageing is inevitable and hair is no exception.

Between the ages of 15-30 years are the best years in terms of hair growth rate that is on an average 6 inches per year (1/2 an inch per month). Gradually hair growth slows down though it never ceases.  By and large hormonal changes are responsible for hair thinning. In men hair thinning is due action of DHT hormone  while in women it is the imbalance of hormones that causes hair thinning as evidenced in women with PCOD or menopausal women. Decreased hair volume and scalp visibility is a nightmare for any woman. Death of hair follicles results in failure of hair growth. A hair follicle has a lifespan of 20-25 hair cycles. (each cycle being 2-8 years, longer in women, shorter in men). Hence the reduction in hair density and volume.

Lack of hair nourishment is one of the main reasons for hair fall, besides medicines, illness and lifestyle.  “Weak” and thin hair looks dull and frail. Reduction in the production of lubricating sebum makes the hair and scalp dry, especially towards lower ends. It also tends to get brittle and ‘breaks’ or forms split ends.

Can we stop ageing? No. Can we defy ageing? Yes.

Infusing hair follicles with necessary nutrition and hormonal solutions can slow down and in many cases reverse the hair thinning by strengthening the hair follicles (where hair life begins). Growth factors and PEMF / Laser promote hair growth by stimulating new growth and enhancing the microcirculation. Scalp rejuvenation and hydration helps combat the dryness of scalp. You cannot stop aging but you can definitely control hair aging!

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